7th June > Site Visits

SITE visits are scheduled on Friday, 7th June. You can choose among four different options, all of them interesting and attractive. Limited capacity and prior registration is required through the on-line registration form.
  • Date: 7th June 2019
  • Departure 09:00h from Hotel Alimara - Carrer de Berruguete, 126, Barcelona
  • Duration 4-5 hours
  • Lunch is not included
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    Gaudi’s Crypt in Colonia Güell and Llobregat Delta – Baix Llobregat

    Keywords: sustainable tourism certifications, sustainable mobility, ecotourism, de-concentration
    In Baix Llobregat, a comarca (county) on the coast of Barcelona, two different initiatives will be visited. The Crypt Güell in Colonia Güell, which holds the Biosphere sustainable tourism certification, is an example of tourist attraction that contributes to de-concentration of tourism outside Barcelona city through cultural heritage valorisation. Less than 30 minutes’ drive, we found the Delta of the Llobregat, a peri-urban space that offers ecotourism initiatives such as birdwatching despite significant urban and industrial pressures.

    Penedes wine region: Wine road and Subirats Station

    Keywords: de-concentration, diversification, heritage, eco-mobility
    The Penedès county, located just 30 minutes from Barcelona and Tarragona, blessed with wonderful beaches and protected by mountains in the interior, has a remarkable landscape characterised by endless vineyards dotted with country houses, unique historical sites and a host of wineries that have made the Penedès internationally famous. It is an example of tourism offer diversification and de-concentration. Two different initiatives will be visited: the Wine Road –visit to wineries with electric vehicles- and the Interpretation Centre of Malvasia in Sitges.
    Port Barcelona_creuer_1

    Port of Barcelona

    Keywords: sustainability in the cruise sector, diversification, fishing tourism
    The Port of Barcelona is the Mediterranean turnaround port par excellence. In this visit, two different experiences in terms of scope and dimension will be visited. On one hand, we will learn about the sustainability policies of the Port of Barcelona, which since 1996 has developed actions in order to reduce the environmental impact of the port activities. Focus will be given to initiatives that are being developed in order to promote cruise sector sustainability. On the other hand, we will have the chance to know the fishing tourism initiative Cap a Mar (Towards the Sea), an interesting case of offer diversification developed in the marine and coastal environment.
    A 9401

    Natural Park Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac

    Keywords: ecotourism, sustainable tourism certifications, natural protected areas, accessibility
    Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Natural Park is located in the sector of the Catalan Pre-coastal mountain between Vallès Occidental and Bages counties. It occupies an area of nearly fourteen thousand hectares. The Department of Natural Areas of Barcelona Provincial Council manages this area in collaboration with the municipalities and other stakeholders. In this visit we will learn about ecotourism initiatives, accessibility, eco-mobility, and use of tourism certifications in protected areas, in particular the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.