Sustainability guidelines


> We have organized our event back-to-back with our territorial cooperation projects events to maximize sustainability, minimizing travel impact and costs. Discover the side events here
> We have selected Hotel Alimara as venue because it is ISO 14001 and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certified
> Our guests are staying in the Hotel Alimara Green Rooms, the sustainable rooms. With the same features as a standard room, guests can monitor their energy and water consumption during their stay
> The conference rooms we have chosen have natural light
> The venue and accommodation are is easily accessible (walking distance) to public transport
> We haven’t put carpet on the stage because carpets are used only once

Food waste & catering

> We collaborate with the NGO called Nutrición sin Fronteras (NSF). The hotel will deliver the leftover food to the charity for social weak group in Barcelona
> Our communications remind delegates to reconfirm their assistance in order to avoid unnecessary Food Waste
> We have given delegates the opportunity to express any specific dietary requirements
> The lunch menu will be monitored and measure to know how much food was locally produced (%)
> Dietary sign on the menu or extra sheet of paper, which will be visibly accessible for attendees during lunch breaks and other breaks involving food
> The coffee will be served in thermos flasks instead of coffee capsules, to prevent waste creation and respect the environmental impact of it
> The catering will use glass bottles and cups for coffee instead of plastic
> Sugar will be provided in sugar shakers instead of in plastic packaging to reduce the residues of sugar in the packaging
> We have removed from the meeting rooms sweeties and other possible things, which would be covered in plastic


>The Conference website and email communication reminds attendees that this is a paperless Conference, and a mobile app will be available. No printed program book will be provided
> We remind attendees to make proper use of the plastic and paper recycling bins provided by the hotel
> We have recycled the lanyards from previous event. We remind attendees to recycle their lanyards following the Conference. There will be a collection place for lanyards at the exit of the room
> Badges will be printed in seed paper as conscious action and after the event; you can plant your seed paper as instructed on the back of the badge
>There will be a stationary bar at the entrance of the meeting room with pens and recycled paper instead of individual notebook and pen on each desk to reduce unnecessary material

Travel & accommodation

> The organizers have encouraged delegates to consider train travel as an alternative to flights on the Conference websites and email communication
> The organizers have reminded delegates to make use of the public transport in Barcelona on conference websites and email communication
> We have informed delegates of the multiple accessibility facilities in Barcelona

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